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Ode to Fraser's Hill

By Simon Chan, May 2008

Why is there Blue, Chocolate, Grey, Lemon and Yellow but no Orange and Brown?

By Simon Chan, Jan 2008

A Most Uncommon Common Rose

By Steven Chong, May 2007

Dragontails and Clearwings

By Preston V Murphy - May 2007

Some common, colourful creatures of Johorís Panti Forest
By Laurence Leong Apr 2007

Always Something New !

by Simon Chan - Jan 2007

It All Started with an E-mail from UKÖ
by Simon Chan - Jun 2006

A Pretty Visitor From Thailand - Acraea violae
by Simon Chan - Jul 2003
Saved from the Fog of Hell !

By Steven Neo - Apr 2003
Flying Flowers

By Steven Neo, Betty L Khoo and Andrew Tay - Oct 2002
From the Diary of a Heartbroken Surrogate Father
By Simon Chan - Jun 2002
Butterfly Watching & Photographing at West Coast Park
By Ben Jin - Apr 2002
Ghost of the Malaysian Forests

By Simon Chan - Jan 2002

By Simon Chan - Oct 2001
Of Sun, Surf, Sand and Splendid Butterflies
By Simon Chan - May 2001

First Sighting of Autumn Leaf butterfly in Singapore

by Andrea Hoffmann - 18 Oct 1999


Expert Insight articles

Polyura hebe plautus
Plain Nawab
By Khew Sin Khoon - Dec 2002

Polyura schreiber tisamenus
Blue Nawab
By Simon Chan - Sep 2002

Elymnias hypermnestra agina
Commom Palmfly
By Simon Chan - May 2002
Catopsilia pyranthe pyranthe
Mottled Emigrant
By Simon Chan - Mar 2002
Delias hyparete metarete
Painted Jezebel
By Simon Chan - Jan 2002
Catopsilia scylla cornelia
 - Orange Emigrant
By Gan CW - Nov 2001
Catopsilia pomona pomona
Lemon Emigrant
By Simon Chan - Sep 2001

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